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Nasturtium Fine Art Print

Nasturtium Fine Art Print

Whilst stranded in her home country during the pandemic, Claxton explored new homegrown flora and fauna in her Dad’s greenhouse. She was fascinated by the edible Nasturtium plant with its vibrant funnel-shaped flowers peeking from behind long rhythmic succulent stems that twine around each other organically reminiscent of biological structures within the human body. A focal point of the composition is the radial details which have been finely drawn using the iPad as a drawing medium to highlight the veins and vessels that carry water and minerals. Claxton was inspired by the connection between nature and humans during the pandemic.

  • Details


    • This is a digital print of an original digital drawing by Leanne Claxton
    • Each print is signed and numbered
    • Actual Print Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
    • Print Paper Size including 3cm border: 36cm x 48cm
    • Limited Edition: 50
    • Unframed
    • Shipped in a gift-wrapped art tube
    • Please note every computer monitor displays colours differently meaning that the true colour of the artwork you receive may vary from the colour on your computer monitor.
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