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'Mae' 100% Silk Twill Hand Printed Scarf

'Mae' 100% Silk Twill Hand Printed Scarf


  • 140cm x 140cm
  • 100% Silk Twill
  • Hand-rolled hem
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in England


Claxton Bespoke luxury scarves are meticulously crafted in England using time-honoured hand screen-printing techniques on the finest 100% silk twill fabric. Rooted in a commitment to sustainability, each scarf undergoes a meticulous journey - painstakingly painted, expertly printed, thoughtfully treated, delicately washed, and ultimately hand-finished.


These bespoke scarves embody a true labour of passion, and their individual characteristics and charming intricacies guarantee a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for each wearer. With the belief that true luxury is synonymous with timelessness, each piece is crafted to stand the test of time, reflecting the brand's unwavering dedication to both quality and the environment.


The silk twill fabric exudes a sumptuous elegance, known for its lustrous sheen, luxurious drape, and a soft touch against the skin, ensuring a truly indulgent and timeless accessory.

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