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Inner Strength Fine Art Print

Inner Strength Fine Art Print

This artwork delves into the inner workings of our physical bodies depicting protein cells, DNA, muscle tissue, water and the human form in an abstract liaison. Protein in humans provides movement and regulates the body; it folds in multiple ways and builds chains based on what the body needs. During the pandemic, Claxton focused on training her body to become physically stronger and soon became fascinated by the patterns within molecular biology. The artwork depicts an abstract flow of energy and synchronicity between our inner body, thoughts, and feelings. Highlighting the link between physical fitness, health, and happiness.

  • Details

    • This is a digital print of an original digital drawing by Leanne Claxton
    • Each print is signed and numbered

    • Actual Print Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
    • Print Paper Size including 3cm border: 36cm x 48cm
    • Limited Edition: 50
    • Unframed
    • Shipped in a gift-wrapped art tube
    • Please note every computer monitor displays colours differently meaning that the true colour of the artwork you receive may vary from the colour on your computer monitor.
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